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Kristina Maria video


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Check this out....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC7J3KQd1lk


This video is played here in Montreal.


For at least half of the video she wears a beautiful hooded fur coat.


And the song, well not really my type, but its ok.



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Well, when I read your message quickly, I thought you said "for at least half AN HOUR of the video" (wishing!) but still, a very nice video clip:)


And then, the fur she is wearing looks like a coat, but if you look carefully, it is actually an extra large fur scarf with hood:) Furthermore, it is knitted fur! Around 0:30, you may even spot the threads through which fur strips were knit...

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How many times did you watch it?


Yes i wish it would be half an hour!


I love the coat, its big, white and hooded. Even if its a scarf with hood, i LOVE IT!

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