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Final Cut looks good but I'm looking for something to edit/ chop short video clips that is more free-ware than something I need to pay for. This isn't something that I do very often at all but I recently found a clip I'd like to edit. Any ideas or recommendations?

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Final Cut is what I use to do all the video work that I put on this website and other places on the internet. It is extremely versatile. You can make everything from Hollywood movies to YouTube clips.


How long do you plan your movie to be?

What kind of video files do you have?

How did you make them?

How do you plan to distribute and view the movie? Internet? DVD? View on computer screen or projector? Broadcast?

Do you know how large those video files are?


There are plenty of free or inexpensive video editors available but the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. You can even get some free-open source software that is capable of making good video but the documentation and support is almost nil.


Making videos on computer isn't very hard, per se, but it is very "detail oriented." There are lots of little things that can trip you up. You need to know what you want to accomplish and have a plan for how to do that before you even start.

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The clip is maybe 2 minutes long and I only want to cut a few seconds out of it. It's also in .avi format as well and the two versions I have are either 2 or 4 MB. It's also something I was thinking to upload to the Den.

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