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A Personal Observation

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Folks this is just a personal observation here.


One thing I have noticed lately is more and more somewhat fur oriented sites and threads in areas all the way from sites like ours to fashion sites to endless different sites of different types. Each and every member here as the absolute right to open up a fur site of their own, and indeed I love to see these to a goodly extent. However, it does also produce a sort of "divide and conquer" concept as well.


We do have a huge amount of space on our site now. If anyone has ideas on how we could use this site as a sort of "central location" for sites of different types as offshoots of ours please let us know. For instance, we could possibly host different types of sites here keeping them somewhat together to avoid the "divide and conquer" atmosphere while giving you a chance to make a web site of your own in what ever way you wish.


This is NOT an advertisement to try to begin doing such things. This is a request that we would love to hear your ideas on how we might bring such an idea into play in the future. Here is your chance to "dream about fur sites" and possibly help the existing fur sites out at the same time


Would love to hear your ideas


White Fox

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Link sharing.


Every site that links in to us puts another notch on our totem pole as far as Google is concerned. Every site that we link out to puts gives credit to that site but, if there is relevance between the sites, those out-links can also give both sites credit. Further, if two sites link to each other, there is even more credit.


If site owners to link in to us and we return the favor we both get points in Google's ranking system. If a whole bunch of sites to do this, Google will start to rank certain sites as an "authoritative". Once a site becomes an authority, search engine rankings of sites that it links out to will climb faster.


I don't refer to the links page in our wiki. That is a good thing but Google only really assigns a half point for every one of those links because few, if any, link back to us.


Getting more people to share links with us improves our search engine rankings which drives more traffic to our site, however, if Google starts ranking sites that link to each other as authoritative, EVERYBODY benefits.


In other words, it's actually GOOD for lots of people to have fur web sites but they should share links between each other. If they don't, they become fragmented. If they do, everybody ends up better off.

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