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Idea's for Brandy to Re-Create


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Hi Guys


Have been talking to the beautiful Brandy and we were discussung some ideas for future photo sets I came up with idea of Re-Creating Famous / Iconic Fur Images, and was just wondering if anyone has any ideas?


I will start by suggesting the Joan Collins scenes from "The Stud" and "The Bitch"


Any others?


Guys, I believe if we tell her what we would like we will get it, So come on get those thinking caps on!

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Furboy, great idea! Guys, we always hear "Gee it just seems everything has been talked about here". Well, here is a whole new idea. A great challenge for you!



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If you guys can hunt down a picture.... at least one..that also gives me an idea on what to create...




This is furboys request...and I can run this one..pretty easily. So I have added it to next weeks shooting schedule already..!






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How about a furry psychiatrist?'


Remember the old TV show, Gilligan's Island, where Ginger used to pretend to be a psychiatrist?



Like that only with fur!


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How about Jill St. John sitting on the white fox bed spread in the James Bond movie (Thunderball?).


It's my all-time favorite scene!

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