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White Fox

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Touch has suggested that we have a spot for Native Links here. This thread will give you a place to post the links without other text clogging it up thus making it so much easier for AK to post them.


Please be sure of the following.

#1. The link must be fur oriented. Not just have a little bit of fur in it.

#2. The link must work. Be certain you try it once more before you post it here.

#3. Post the link. Then, beside it post exactly what the site is to give AK a good idea on where it should go.

#4. Please keep this for links only! Not for a lot of discussions involving that link.


It is not fair for AK to have to take the time to sort all of this out. Right now we have another project on the go that will provide us with another huge bunch of links, so this is very time consuming for him and we must be responsible to do that part of work for him.


Thanks all.

White Fox

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okay to start with:


www.ek-o.net/ for Dene Furclouds....beautiful knitted furs in contemporary ethnic designs etc.


www.turtleisland.org/front/_front.htm for D'arcy Moses and other native designers (Dene too) and not just fur....some other stunning native items;

(amazing leather haida bags for example) just tap on fashions at the bottom of the page. Now not all the fashion is fur oriented, but for very unusual items like the sealskin jeans, this site is well worth a visit.




and www.arcticphoto1.co.uk for a fantastic resource about the way of life of peoples like the Cree Sami Inuit and Yakut and clearly demonstrating how these people are one with and protect nature and habitats through hunting etc.

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http://collections.ic.gc.ca/trappers for the Cree fur trappers Association...good environmental work done by them including beaver relocation.


www.nunavikcreations.com beautiful inuit parkas trimmed with fox...very unusual. Also go to procucts and check our the beautiful sealskin mitts and hat and bags.


www.lucire.com/2002/0701fe0.htm for a native fur fashion show held in Montreal


www.fur.ca/index-e/aboriginal/index.asp ... l&page=atb for information on native fur contribution to the trade etc

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The following links already listed should be put in native fur links:

www.greatgreenland.com for the beautiful range of fur and sealskin products marketed by this Inuit autonomous government owned venture.



www.alsakafursandgifts.com for fur produce, canadian alaskan and russian and native art


http://arcticbluegifts.com for fur bikinis and native arts and furs


www.heritagegallery.ca for beautiful native art and furs

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www.alaskanative.net/192.asp for Anna Anvil's stunning fur parkas

and www.alaskanative.net/327.asp for her mukluks. A true artist.


www.fashionshowroom.com/fall2004/fashio ... photos.htm mens collections by the renowned cree designer.


then more on darcy at www.wrigleyhotel/wrigley-dene-fur-fashion.htm


and www.mwgapparel.com/Natsenelu/jackets/ladies_coats.htm


also sometimes at http://alaskanarts.org/shop/ they sometimes have Agnes Hailstones fur parkas and Blessing Browers sexy sealskin skirts/tops.

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The indigenous peoples and their traditional hunting and fur harvesting/farming STANDS AGAINST THE UNSCRUPULOUS DEVELOPERS

and the vermin that undermine their fur produce, PETA.


Go to www.survival-international.org/tribes.php?tribe_id=44


and www.survival-international.org/tribes.php?tribe_id=39


If PETA and the developers waiting for the New traditionalism of these people to fail, get their way, THE SIBERIAN TIGER WILL BE HISTORY. THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL MESSAGE FOR FUR THERE IS: HABITAT PROTECTION.


There are links on how you can help them fight the developers that threaten their way of live which is the harvesting of fur.


Also another link for those of you who like shearlings:

www.bettydavid.com for beautifully painted shearlings.

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