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2011 Fur Production Outlook

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I looked out the kitchen window, this morning, as I was making my coffee. There's about an inch of new snow on the ground. Yes, spring might be just around the corner but, in these parts, we still see occasional snow.


Well, I'm stirring my coffee, sort of daydreaming as many people do before they've had their morning coffee, and I notice that there are lots and lots of rabbit tracks in the snow. They covered almost all of the yard.


The funny thing I noticed is that two sets of rabbit tracks would often cross. Where they meet, there would be a fairly large circle of trampled snow. It looked like a bull's eye in the middle of a large letter "X." As I am surveying the yard, still daydreaming, I notice that there are about a dozen of these little "X-bull's eye" formations all around the yard.


I'm guessing I'll be seeing a lot of rabbits, later on, this summer...

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If this is as you suspect, there will be young rabbits in nests in about 30 days. And a few weeks later there will be a fresh batch of owl, hawk, & coyote food available.

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