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Fur on the Oscars Red Carpet


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Living the in the LA area, and working in Hollywood for a station that airs a two-hour pre-Oscar show, I was curious if any furs would be seen on the Red Carpet. I suspected none, as the ladies would have their furs brought in elsewhere, or more likely, left in the limos for Post-Oscar events. The only fur I saw on our air was a lady with a silver fox stroller, who appeared to be a producer for one of the media outlets -- grabbing stars as they passed by. She looked rather severe (with dark hair and a stern look) but bless her for having the courage to wear a fur on a cold afternoon in a dastardly politically correct environment. I have to believe the little starlets were shivering inside there sheer designer gowns, just wishing they could get through the line and wrap up in their fur coats once again...


I can only hope..

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