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Moscow in winter - 'nuff said!


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I am currently holidaying in Moscow. It is much warmer than it was only a week ago, around -10C, but there is still a feast of fur for the eyes


It's everywhere. In the streets, on the metro, in the shops. I was passing by a theatre, not a particularly grand theatre, as the show finished. Hundreds of people were pouring out and almost all of the women were wearing furs of one sort or another. Mink and raccoon seem to be the favourites. I've seen a number of little black mink jackets with lynx collar - a striking design.


There's a massive exhibition centre alongside the Kremlin. As luck would have it, there has been a fur exhibit on for the last few days. I managed to catch the last day today. Stall after stall of furs. Tons of mink, obviously, but always one or two chinchillas and sables as well. There was one vendor who had so many chinchilla and sable coats - oh, it was unbelievable!


And of course I can wear my fur coat, scarf, hat and gloves without feeling self-conscious. Though I do still get some funny looks at my hat - it is a massive fox ushanka - the Russian hat with ear flaps. No one seems to have one quite like it. Most that do have a ushanka just have the fur on the inside, with leather on the outside. I'm showing them how it should be done


A few more days left to go - it's heaven!

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I have finally posted some photos in the gallery. They're not great, but give you some idea.


Regarding the prices of the furs in the stalls at the exhibition I visited, I only enquired about a couple of the sable coats, but I get the impression this was an exclusive exhibition. The sables were around the £30,000 level.


My understanding is that to get good quality furs in Moscow is expensive. I found a couple of malls out of town which were dedicated to furs. A local told me that the quality there is lower but they are more affordable. She said that Russians tend to buy their furs abroad, to get good quality at better prices. Not sure how true that is.

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Hey those photos are GREAT! I love the candid ones as it is the only way to see folks truly enjoying their furs!!!


As for buying in different countries. Not a bad thing really if it is happening. That will tend to keep more furriers in place in places like England and France, Scandinavia and Gremany. etc.

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Excellent pics, elbas! Of course, I loved the golden sable, but I also loved the white mink with the lynx collar and the matching purse. Really nice!

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