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Happy Presidents' Day (for US denizens)


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Just got back from a wonderful drive up one of our canyons. It snowed all day yesterday so the pine trees were laden with snow and the snow was 7 feet deep. We went to our favorite restaurant (Silver Creek Lodge) and had brunch. My wife worn her hooded Silver Fox and her 18 " Shadow Fox muff lined with White Mink. I worn my Indigo Fox jacket.


Tonight we're going to Karl Bloch's art exhibit. Not sure which fur she'll wear.





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Bob, you are she are a fantastic roll model for each of us. Wow, a white fox muff with white mink lining! A fur muff is so nice and warm. I can only imagine the bliss with a fur lining.


That is fantastic. I'll bet there are one or two others here who wish they were in your shoes.


***And, as mentioned, Happy President's day folks! And for those who live in Ontario. Happy Family day!



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I've seen evidence (pics) in various places of you and your lovely wife. Looks like you have been doing your part as well. Congrats Bro!!



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