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A major and a minor change here.

White Fox

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Folks, there are a couple of changes in the works here and we thought you should know of them. I placed more information in the Information Zone forum, but I know that some people do not always view that, so thought I should mention such here.


The first change has to do with the deleting of posts in the Ebay forum. The second concerns our video links area. The Utube and other sites on the net have changed so radically in the past couple of years that we believe this area is no longer of any real use. Please keep in mind that this second topic was one talked of by moderators and then moved here, so the begininng two or three posts on that thread might seem somewhat strange to you.


Please have a look at the two threads in the Information Zone forum. You will find them right at the top, but underneath the two "sticky messages" that always stay at the top there.


Since we want any feedback on those threads (not here), and since this is not the appropriate place for such discussions, I am locking this thread. We indeed welcome all discussions on those topics on the other forum though.


As mentioned, we consider it important that we receive messages from members on what they would like to see here or what they disagree with.


Thanks all


White Fox

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