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Folks unless others have a suggestion on how to go ahead I think it is time for the begininng of the end of our fur VIDEO UTUBE links area.


The first reason is that there are just so many new links on Utube now that are not entered into there. So updating would be very difficult.


The second reason is that fur links are becoming very simple to find on Utube as there are so many of them. They are dead easy to find now.


And lastly. unless someone else wants to take it over and help FrBrGr, Elbas, and any others who want to be involved, it is probably dead in the water. I just am not going to have time for quite awhile.


I don't think we should take it down right away. But I think a message in the Den site of this time approaching should be considered, and at the same time we could ask if any members would like to take this over. JGalanos helped us with huge amounts of work there. Now that he is gone, we just do not have enough help left to do it.


If you have other ideas on this please let me know.



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I don't know if this is possible, but I subscribe to people who post fur links in my own youtube account. Instead of linking to each video, could we link to people who post links? It seems to me that there are a 'relative' handful of people that are responsible for posting the vast majority fur videos. If we link to the person rather than the video, we can capture more vids with less links.



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Off subject but it's interesting that elsafur has gone from hiding her face in her first posts as Salvadore to flaunting herself in furs. She's the hottest fur model out there


Not sure this has anything to do with the subject other than a quick trip to eBay.



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Folks I just want to reinforce the note that a member here could take this project over and "run with it" if you wish. It is a fantastic experience. You get to see huge numbers of videos of women in furs and to check them out regularly. You get to find new videos, and you get to develop that area even further as you wish if you would like to take it over.


If anyone would like to do that please let us know. You would need to post in "wiki", however, we could teach you how to do that in a VERY short time. Probably a couple of sessions of a half hour each or less would give you every bit of information you would need to know to do the whole project. You simple need to know how to work with links.



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