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My Top 5 Fur Sightings from Recent Seasons


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Some of you may recall a series of posts by me in the last two winters detailing some of my many fur sightings around parts of the southern UK. This winter I have still been seeing a fair few furs despite my emigration to Spain, some over here and a good few on trips back to the UK in December and January. I have been pleasantly surprised with the volume of furs in the shops over here and in seeing some nice furs around too, plus loads of furs crop up on the television shows too, on presenters and audience members too. And my small local town has given me a surprising and delightful handful of fur sightings too - with a new one spotted as recently as two hours ago.


However this season, rather than detailing all of my sightings from the winter I thought I would just list my top 5 public fur sightings from this season so far, and from the last two winters too. The lists are of course entirely subjective from those sightings and encounters that I expect will live longest in my memory, so may not feature the best furs seen or the most glamorous wearers; many stand out from the surprise element of the sighting. I've also omitted listing any furs worn by friends, family or models.


So, here we go:


Winter 2008/09


5: a blonde continental older woman wearing a long golden sable coat in Selfridges, London

4: a brunette continental young woman (Famke Janssen lookalike) wearing a red sheared coney jacket with black coney collar and cuff trim in Victoria station, London

3: a brunette Scottish older woman wearing a long black mink coat standing near to Brighton mall

2: a blonde English middle aged woman wearing a long blue fox coat in New Bond Street, London

1: a blonde German older woman wearing a golden sable coat in Crawley mall


Winter 2009/10


5: a blonde Russian young woman wearing a rex rabbit chinchilla coat in Selfridges, London

4: a blonde English young woman wearing a coyote jacket around Brighton suburbs

3: a blonde English older woman wearing a grey mink jacket with her younger blonde daughter wearing a brown musquash jacket in Victoria Station, London

2: a blonde English older woman wearing a lynx dyed fox jacket in Brighton mall

1: a redhead English young woman student (and model and fur collector) wearing several different coney jackets over the course of the winter around Brighton suburbs (multiple sightings from early September through to late June)


Winter 2010/11 (so far)


5: a brunette Spanish young woman wearing a leopard printed coney jacket in Alicante airport

4: a blonde Spanish middle aged woman wearing a long dark brown mink coat in El Corte Ingles, Alicante

3: a brunette English young woman wearing a red fox jacket in Top Shop, Oxford Circus, London

2: a blonde middle aged woman wearing a golden island fox jacket in Kensington High Street, London

1: a brunette Italian middle aged woman wearing a black mink coat with her younger blonde daughter wearing a brown sable coat in Oxford Street, London



So, what have been your best fur sightings of recent years?



Mr Mockle

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