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a sinister turned good


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This should be called, "how to take advantage of a bad situation and turn it to something good."


Lately, my wife and I got woken up by a noise in the house. I exited the bedroom, three step out to find my feet in water, inside our dining room. the floor was completely covered in water and my kitchen, dining room, living room and other rooms in the house were flooded. Not a pretty good site, let me tell you.

The first night we slep like babies. It was a tiring day and night.

A few days later, my wife started saying that it was humid in the house, even though the dehumidifier was on. She started saying we would be better sleeping in the fur, it would keep us warm. Do you think i said no? I ambrace her idea and today, 2 weeks since the flood we still sleep with the fur even if we dont feel the humidity anymore.

My wife likes fur, but she also loves sleeping naked with me in bed and feel our skin touching eachother. So having fur in bed with us as never been a big thrill for her.

Today, i'm a happy man, i can sleep with my fur coats and my wife doesnt mind.


Thats what i call, taking advantage of a bad situation.

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In fact yes, we are trying to get a bed spread.


Lately i spoke to a furier in Quebec City and he said he was waiting for me to send my furs and he was gonna turned them into a bed spread. But my collection of fur is not big ennough to have a full king size bed sread, i need to buy more to turn them. So in september i found a nice coat on ebay. I purchased it and when i got it, i realize it was too nice to turn into a bed spread. I'm a tall, strong guy, its hard for me to find coats that are perfect for me. Well this coat i bought, i can turn the fur inside out and wear it. Wow, so nice. The fur touches my face and its delightful. So now i have to buy another one, but with the flood its not really time to bring a new coat in the house. Plus, the budget is not there for a coat but more for renovation in the house! So i guess my furier is gonna see me next september!

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I am looking for branded bedspreads like of Bianca or KAS, but they are very expensive. Any idea to have them in a reasonable price. Fur bedspreads don't you think are very warm and here in Australia the winter season is not really cold.

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