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Of all the fur coats you have, is there one in perticular that you love more than the others?


Or, do you have one for different use? For example, one coat for outside wear, one coat to sleep, one coat for sex.......


I personnaly use two coats. One for sex and one to sleep in.

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My wife has a fur coat to wear and we have fur playthings for the bedroom.


Sometimes, when it gets cold, we will use the fur coat like a throw and snuggle under it on the sofa while watching TV but, 95% of the time, this fur will not make it to the bedroom. She likes the coat to wear and she wants to keep it looking nice. I agree.


When it comes to using fur in the bedroom, we have special things that we use. There are some fur gloves and things. There are gloves that she likes to use on me and there are gloves that she likes me to use on her. (The "boy gloves" and the "girl golves," so to speak.)


My wife has her eye out for another coat to wear. The coat we have is nice and she likes it because it is very warm but it is full length and she is afraid that she'll mess it up if the hem gets dragged in the slush and snow. It is also difficult to wear when you sit down in the car, for instance. You have to carefully hike it up when you sit and you have to watch out to be sure it doesn't get caught in the car door when you close it. She would like another coat that is shorter so it only comes down far enough to cover the bum, maybe as long as the knees.


The coat we have is beaver. We chose it because it is warm and durable. It has fox trim on the lapels and collar so it's soft to wear next to the skin. However, the part she likes the best is that "fluffy" part. When she gets another coat, she wants it all to be fluffy. A nice, big, oversized hood is also a bonus. I agree with her on just about everything she wants.


When my budget permits, I am certainly going to do my best to get her another fur coat just he way she likes.

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Let's see... my f/l coyote and f/l raccoon are still very 'wearable'... that is, once it gets below 40F here in South Florida, they can be worn outside. Those coats and my f/l red fox are used as 'blankets' whenever the temp goes below 50F. The red fox has become too small for me to wear, but is still a beautiful coat nonetheless. Therefore it hasn't crossed into the 'play' category.


As far as 'play' furs... let's see... mink stroller... black rabbit jacket... several blue fox and silver fox boas.... 2 black fox muffs... and a couple of faux furs.



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I have a few strictly for wearing. One of them is probably the highest quality fur garment I've ever had -- but I don't actually like it as much as a certain birthday gift, an enormous parka that is completely and happily wrong for me. That one wants to be worn outside, but lives on top of my duvet in the winter. The others are vintage and rarely see the light of day. Next year, I must change that. Although the *one* garment I've been after this past ten years...still seems to elude me. Truth be told, I'd probably trade every single fur piece I own...for that one coat.


When I have time, I tend to have an entire closet full of transient coats - to buy, to clean, to sell -- before one gets too attached!


All the rest are home accessories. I'm even in the process of dismantling one vintage coat to become a pillow cover, trim, a collar and if there's enough fur left, a small vest.





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I am beyond obsession when it comes to my furs. Every piece of fur that enters our home will get to enjoy at least one experience in our bedroom with one or both of us making love with it. After that the fur will take pleasure in the logic behind its existence or purpose in our world. We have over ten fur coats and vests that act as our surrogate skin when we go out in the cold. About every two years one of us will replace a coat/vest with a new one. The old coat then becomes a new toy to play with in the bedroom. But, we also have dozens of pelts (fox various colors, beaver sheared and not, badger, raccoon, bobcat, etc.) that serve our desires in so many different ways. We go through rabbit pelts by the dozens as well. They are so cheap and fun to play with. We usually use a rabbit pelt to finish in and on; saving the more expensive fur coats and pelts from to quick an end.


I love it when a brand new pelt first arrives: its fresh scent, clean look, pure skin and soft fur. I get such fantastic satisfaction out of laying that beautiful virgin out on the bed in the warm sun. Clutching and stocking the fur flipping it over and looking at its pure white flesh. All the while fantasizing the various ways I will destroy its virginity. Nevertheless we also buy a lot of fur coats labeled crafting fur. I acquired a B3 sheepskin jacket it had a small tear in one of the sleeves. But the rest of the jacket and fur was in really good shape. I loved sleeping inside that soft fur. However in my sleep over a long period of time I stressed its seams and we ended up exploiting it in other ways. I bought a ranch mink and sheared beaver coat from the same site to use for a quickie; those old girls can’t take much more I am sorry to say. I always sleep with a fur pelt lining in my sweatpants and a pelt covering my pillow as well. Hum gratification and contentment every night of the week. My partner sleeps on the fur of three sheepskins sewed together and another set on top of him. I always get attached to my furs and coats. I can’t stand the thought of getting rid of them but I always do and replace them with something new. Nevertheless no fur that enters our home leaves our home. We cremate all of our ruined furs and coats.

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