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Super Bowl Tickets For Sale


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I was just on the NFL's Ticket Exchange, just to see if there were tickets for sale, and for how much.


Brace yourself!


The price range is from $2729 (Not available to anyone with nose bleed problems - For all others, bring very strong binoculars - !) up to $23,730 (But hey - the seats are only two rows away from the Steelers!).


No wonder this game is far from a sellout! Really - If you have this kind of money to spend, you pretty much have your choice of seats in Cowboys Stadium!




I'll settle for our entertainment center and all of the freshly baked pepperoni bread, bar-b-que chicken wings, deviled eggs and shrimp cocktail I can eat, I have a fully-stocked bar, cold Yuengling in the 'fridge (behind the bar) and my Lazy Boy with the fur throw! It'll cost me a wholllllllle lot less, I can watch replays on my HD flat screen (over and over again if I want, with my DVR) and I will be reallllllllllllllllly really comfortable! I won't have to put up with airports, TSA molestations or hotel rooms starting at $300/night. Best of all, I won't have to fight my way through 100,000 people I could care less about to see a football game.


I consider myself lucky!



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Worst part is that probably many of the people who are there are there more to show off than being a fan of either team. The true fans cannot afford it. Yet without the true fans the team would be nothing.


Fans support them all through the year. And at the end when it really counts, the team says "To Hell with You, We are Inviting the People with the Money!!!"

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Staying at home also gets to mean that you 'miss' the TSA molestation at the airport going and coming, but also the TSA molesting at the stadium too (and the rest of the silly rules that are being imposed- no binocular or camera cases/bags, no camera lenses larger that 6 inches, and other stuff).


I'll get to enjoy the game (or at least part of it) on a nice TV this year.

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