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New Lady Gaga Song


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I thought about putting this in the "For The Music Lovers In The Den" thread, but clearly it deserves a place of its own. I was never a Lady Gaga fan before, but all of that has changed now!




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Now let me guess...you're rooting for the Packers?


I have an indirect Steelers story. A buddy of mine went to high school in San Mateo, CA (south of San Francisco about 15 miles). It's kind of upscale, not all parts were upscale when my buddy was growing up but definitely now. At any rate, my buddy played quarterback for San Mateo High School. He told me the story that he threw a touchdown pass to Lynn Swan (Serra High School a PRIVATE high school in San Mateo that also boasts Tom Brady and Barry Bonds as alums). When I went crazy with awe, he then added "The only problem was that he was on the OTHER TEAM!"


A few years after they had all gotten out of college my buddy was at a wedding. Lynn Swan comes up to my buddy holding both hands up in fists with ALL FOUR super bowl rings on and says "Hey Wayne, bet you thought I'd never do it!" I love it!


Lynn Swan was definitely someone who changed the game.


So Polamalu is from USC. Aaron Rodgers is from Cal. We got us a Pac 10 battle! I think I gotta go for the Cal guy (NOTE: Rodgers really isn't a Cal guy, he didn't even last a full year at Cal! WUSSY!) So I'm not sure how much I can root for him (see previous post about his character).


I've been into Lady Gaga since one of my students burned me a CD with some of her songs. Listen to "Poker Face"


And as I always say when it comes to sports...GO BEARS! (as in Cal Bears)

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