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Doris Day in fur


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That very first photo of her, with the lynx-collared coat - I'll never forget that coat and the scene from the movie, "Pillow Talk." Her character had just found out that the guy she was falling in love with was actually the hated cad and playboy, Brad Alan (played by Rock Hudson) who shared her party line. Since he had taken her to Connecticut for the weekend, she called her friend (played by Tony Randall) to come and pick her up. They drove back to NY City in his open convertible, and to this day, I will sit and watch that scene with great fascination, as the wind generated by the moving car makes the lynx fur on her coat continually flutter. A breeze making a long-hair fur like lynx or fox flutter - It's one of my "things" . . .

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When I first saw the movie title "That Touch of Mink'' I couldn't wait to see the movie as a fur loving 11 year old.. I was hoping for full out mink coats, but alas, the lined coats and such were all that were featured. Just to think that my dream girl at the time, Doris Day, would be decked out in mink coats for a whole movie was too much for me to anticipate. The fact that she settled for the white lined mink -- white, being totally Doris Day -- left me 'kissing my sister".. nice but nowhere like the real thing..

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