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Suggestions, Ideas, and The Whipping Post!

White Fox

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Folks, this is mostly for new folks, but as always we want to make certain that the "Good olde crewe" remember as well. So please forgive us if we are repeating.


Guys and Gals, we would LOVE to hear any suggestions you have in regards to this site. Are there any tiny little changes we can make so small that we just have forgotten them. Are there some MAJOR things that we can do to make this a better place for you folks to come and relax and put your feet up and enjoy yourself for the few short moments you are here in your busy schedule. Or - if there are things that bug you about this place we would love to hear about them as well. Believe me we won't get angry with you, or ban you for making suggestions of things we were mistaken on. Indeed quite the opposite. We want to hear any thoughts you have to make this place better. Feel free to tie us up to the "Whipping Post". (Just like I do to Linda all the time!)


Each and every member here is an important piece of this site. Especially those who post now and then. You folks are truly what gives this place it's Life. It's Heartbeat. It's Soul. I am nothing. The mods are the big part here, but mainly through their posts, etc. But you folks are what really make this place work. Without you, we are an empty shell. And FrBrGr and I truly want to Thank you for being such a fantastic part of this little part of Heaven! For your contributions here. For your thoughts. etc.


Feel free to leave any suggestions here on this thread, or send a PM or email to any moderator or admin. We would love to hear from you. What can we do to make this place better for you?


White Fox


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