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A pastor, a priest and a rabbi (NOT A RELIGIOUS JOKE)

Guest furlessinCA

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A pastor, a priest and a rabbi all attending a convention together. The rabbi is from Phoenix, the priest is from Anchorage while the pastor is from Seattle. The pastor and the priest ask the rabbi "How can you stand the summer in Phoenix, it's SO HOT!" The rabbi responds: "Oh but it is a DRY heat so that sweat evaporates very quickly and one doesn't really feel too hot". Both the pastor and priest acknowledge the rabbi's explanation with "Oh that makes sense". Then the rabbi and the pastor say to the priest "How can you stand the winters in Anchorage, it's SO COLD?" The priest responds: "But it's a DRY cold, not a damp cold. The dry cold doesn't cut through you like a damp cold." The rabbi and the pastor acknowledge the priest's explantation with "Oh, that makes sense." Finally the rabbi and the priest ask the pastor "How can you stand to live in Seattle when it rains SO MUCH?" The pastor responds: "But it's a dry rain."


My $0.02


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cute enjoyed it. Seattle gets many rainy days of mist and drrizle with total rainfall about the same as New York. I was there once (arond the new year) and the weather was not that bad. Even stayed in the same hotel were the beatles fished from their room. I could of done it too.

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