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Happy New Year Everyone


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Hello All,


Happy New Year. Hope you are still celebrating.


We're celebrating with our two year old granddaughter whose Mommy just had the new baby. We're taking her out to see some Christmas light at a small upscale shopping mall which has very beutiful lights. The young lady will be dressed appropriately in a Mink Jacket and covered by a Russian Blue Fox blanket that I have made.


Happy New Year.

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May the bloke in the UK who recently reported early 2010 that it was going to be a cold snowy Winter based upon his observations of the Sun and its spots continue to find these cold spots persisting, may the Winters be cold and Furry, and may it be a Happy time for all the Denziens here....


and seriously...thankyou to everyone for their commitments, their contributions both fiscal and thoughtful, and may we stay a content focused Happy group comfortable in what we like, adore and love..



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