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NPR article on nutria

Guest furlessinCA

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Everybody must listen or read the NPR article about nutria destroying the wetlands in Lousiana. A program has been started to pay trappers $5 a tail. So fur is "green"...at least nutria fur as the trappers are helping to preserve the Lousiana wetlands.


Perhaps someone should release some minks to see what they do the the envirnoment. It will make the nutria damage like a walk in the park (Not really, the minks would DESTROY where ever they would be released).


Hey this is a small step.


Furry New Year!




PS One could tell a person who knows nothing about fur that their mink coat is nutria

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Comedian Dave Attell used to have a show called Insomniac on Comedy Central. The premise was simple - visit a city, stay up and drink all night, and see what sort of interesting things happen in a given city. He took the show to New Orleans and went along with some nutria hunters on one of their late night hunting adventures... pretty cool - riding in the bed of a pick-up truck, having a few beers, then breaking out the guns to shoot some nutria.



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Nature needs balance and many of these imbalances are fur bearing animals. In New Zealand read about the Woolly Opossum. Same thing.


At least two we are discussing were caused by farmers who were raising the animals for fur turning them loose in environments which they were not native to. In the case of the Nutria and the Opossum, the problem was created when fur ranchers could not make money and let them loose.


The lakes and rivers in Michigan have their incredible fresh water fish at risk when Beavers dam the rivers. The banks of the rivers are stripped causing sand to wash over the fish eggs and die. They block fish from going upstream to spawn. Nature lovers in Michigan view the Beaver as a a threat to the nature they love and work to protect.


Wearing fur is renewable and natural. Synthetics are not.


Wearing fur, just as being a meat-eater does not mean your are inhumane. There is ethics and responsibility in everything we do.

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