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A ridiculously easy to manipulate online poll


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I have come across an article criticizing Dennis Basso's use of fur in his spring-summer 2011 collection:



The article had an embedded online poll about fur. We have by now seen so many similar polls, asking the readers what they think about fur. Naturally I voted pro-fur, and saw the results, it was appalling. The pro-fur vote was at 13%, quite disheartening. But then, I tried voting again. Normally, such polls allow only one vote from a given IP number, but this one, hosted at polldaddy.com, happily registered my second vote. And then third. Fourth. Fifth... So, I single-handedly managed to increase the pro-fur vote to nearly 40%.


If you find yourself with free time to kill, just go to the above link, and click a few (or more) times in the poll. It will make you feel good:)

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I found the same to be the case for the fur poll "Let's get the numbers on our side" where the Canadian politician and his family posed in fur for their Christmas picture. Almost by accident I tried to vote a second time. When that worked, I voted a third time and fourth time...you get the idea.


I'll vote in this poll too (but only once ). HA!


Furry new year!



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As more votes come in it is getting harder to raise the "Pole". However, that means it is harder for the "NO" folks too. " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />

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Yah!!! It would take the "Others" about 2300 votes just to pull even, even if that .0233 number stayed the same. Which it won't. It will get smaller. Actually to surpass us by a sizable amount, it would likely take them something like 4,000 votes or more.


I think we might be safe! I think all of you folks deserve a mink scarf from your wives and girl friends now for doing this! Just let them know I said so...



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