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a worrisome news in this festive days


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I have just read on a number of sites that fur has been banned from Oslo Fashion Week in Norway:






...and many others.


In one of the links above, a comparison has been made with Denmark's Copenhagen Fashion Week. We all know Denmark is a major mink exporter, so there might be something hidden going on here, but then, I always thought Saga Furs operated in Norway too besides Finland. Any insights?

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Well, it turns out I was quite right to sense rivalry playing a role in this! The following news post at Oslo Fashion Week website reports in a slightly acrimonious note that come next February, Oslo Fashion Week will start one week earlier than usual, due to the rescheduling of the Copenhagen Fashion Week:



Could the fur ban be the organizers of Oslo Fashion Week getting even with Copenhagen? I think it may well be...

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I'm with you. I sense some bullsh*t going on behind the scenes.


People in the fashion industry can be very "catty." It sounds like some of this behavior is spilling over into the press.


I can't imagine the organizers of a fashion extravaganza actually "banning" anything that wasn't already illegal in some way. All they would end up doing is hurting themselves. If they "banned" anything, it would only serve to drive away fashion designers from the show. In so doing, they would detract from their own event.


Either one of two things is happening, I think:


1) Competing factions are making false/misleading press releases about the other in order to damage credibility or drive designers away from the competition.


2) Somebody subscribes to the theory that "No publicity is bad publicity" and allowing negative press releases to be "leaked" to the public in order to drum up controversy.

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The SAGA group split a few years ago. Can't remember the details. But, it cause bad blood between them.


Maybe Kostas can fill us in.




Interesting. The Saga Furs web site says in the "About us" page: "The Nordic auction houses became the sales platform and today all Saga-labelled mink, fox and finnraccoon skins are sold exclusively at Finnish Fur Sales in cooperation with Oslo Fur Auctions." and links to Oslo Fur Auctions: http://www.norpels.no/

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