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Another PETA gem


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This particular classic example of foot-in-mouth disease comes again from the hallowed pages of Fortean Times , this time from November 2000.

I doubt whether many Denizens have heard of a Norwegian gentleman by the name of Jan Ove Sunberg but he appears regularly in FT ; in 1997 he founded a group called GUST (Global Underwater Search Team) and ever since then he`s travelled the world in a series of so-far spectacularly unsuccessful attempts to either film or capture one of numerous legendary lake monsters ; the Loch Ness Monster , Ogopogo , Champ , to name but a few.

Autumn 2000 was obviously a very quiet time for PETA ; no real animals were in danger of extinction , being mistreated or exploited , or in need of rehoming , since when they heard of Mr Sundberg`s plans to capture a Loch Ness monster in order to take a tissue sample before tagging and releasing it , they found the time to protest about this "intolerable cruelty" to a mythical beast , not only to him and his group but also to the Norwegian Minister for the Environment.

Mr Sundberg was , unsurprisingly , unimpressed. "PETA are either a bunch of lunatics or publicity seekers - but probably both. No one in his right mind could take them seriously." he said. For a while there were rumours that he planned to set up an organisation to rival PETA but sadly it never came to pass. I say sadly because it was allegedly going to be called People for the Independent Scientific Study Of Fictitious Fish.


Monty Python eat your heart out

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To go after him for something like that, they have to be the stupidest bunch of people on earth!!! How ridiculous can they be!?!?!


I just wish that the organization he was going to start would have come to fruition.

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You just couldn't invent this stuff could you.


I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for them. Running around free in this world when they acually really need several years intense therapy of some sort !!


Note the word "almost"! I'm not there yet!

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Running around free in this world when they acually really need several years intense therapy of some sort !!


They need PROZAC!


If they want, I'll give them some of MINE!


Actually, years ago, when I first saw ads about PETA I actually thought they were a good organization. People for the ETHICAL Treatment of Animals. To me, that means "Don't abuse animals." That means that you should keep your animals clean, happy (a subjective term) and well-fed. You should practice principles of good animal husbandry and protect your investment in those animals the way you would any other natural resource.


But somewhere down the line some real sick whackos got hold of the reigns. They have taken a potentially good cause completely off the beaten path and left it "out where the busses don't stop".


Kinda' sad.

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Take a look at this, Worker




I'm sorry you may need to cut and paste, I haven't yet worked out how to paste an active link.


Not exactly fur related so may be off topic, but a good indication of the crassness of ALF activities in the UK. Actually I suppose it is fur related because they are just as bigoted against fur as they are to guinea pig breeders. No wonder so many are intimidated about wearing fur in UK, although thankfully it does seem to be slowly changing

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Unbelievable. I've not yet read the whole thing but skimmed it and will go deeper later. Thanks so much for the post.

White Fox

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Thanks for that Tryxie. I'd missed it.

I wonder though if a spell in the clinck will make them see any sense - doubt it. - It would be nice if the keys got lost!

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Stuff like that gets me pretty peeved off. I dont' even know what to say in response.


Nothing like that will ever happen around here, though. They would be some sorry animal activists if they tried.

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Pop sensation Pink has launched a global attack against KFC.


She's backing PETA (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals) on her Web site in a "Kick the Bucket" campaign.


The petition, on PinksPage.com, asks Kentucky Fried Chicken to stop its "cruel breeding practices" and cruel killing methods in producing its chicken product.


Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, the Dalai Lama, the Black Eyed Peas, and the Reverend Al Sharpton have lodged similar complaints against KFC.


SMH 14/04/06


Methinks that some folk should know that KFC is a value adder, not the producer of the chickens, at least in Oz.


Another example of 'Getting it all wrong' in the hope of free publicity.


BTW, just who or what is Pink??

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