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Amazing old story

White Fox

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An extremely fascinating and true story. Or the fellow told me it was true at least. And that adds so much to it. These old true stories can be so enlightening. You can learn so much from them.


One day an old time horse drawn funeral carriage was heading out to the cemetery. Well, apparently, the cemetery was at the top of a huge hill at the end of main street. Just as the carriage was heading up the hill it apparently hit a big washout in the road. So big it almost tipped. Well, I guess that the lock on the back door must have come unlocked somehow. Well, you can guess what would happen. When they hit the bump and door opened, the coffin came out, and the top on it flung open as well as it hit the ground. The hill was so steep that it just kept sliding and sliding in the wet mud.


Suddenly just as that casket slid past the screen door to the local drug store, it hit another bump. The deceased actually sat up straight and instantly called out to those inside the drug store. "Have you got anything to stop this coffin'?"


Like I said, you can learn so much from these old true stories!

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