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Update at Mr Mockle's: Lucy Zara - 22nd November 2010


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Hello everyone,


Now that I'm more settled following my move, here's the first of several catch-up updates coming out in the coming weeks. This set features a return of Lucy Zara shot back in January.




As always let me know what you think of the photos.



Mr Mockle

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Mr. Mockle,

i saw a shoot of Sasha in a white angora sweater come by on fetishpix... do you know of this shoot? Do you know if there is more of her in angora sweaters? I'd love to see more! I have been a member of your site earlier this year... my compliments to you!


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Very nice sir...I especially like the rather scholarly look of the glasses on several of the pics. Sort of how I feel when I am wrapped up in my furs and reading a good book.

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