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Hot for Dogs


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In the early 80's, I remember watching a TV program called "Hot for Dogs". It was one of the dance programs that were popular at the time because of Hot Gossip and the like.


I stuck in my memory because of a very brief clip as part of the titles, it showed a group of five extremely fit young ladies dancing in blue fox jackets.


For some reason I was thinking about it during my lunch break and did a speculative search for "hot for dogs" on YouTube. Not only is it there, but it's the full version, and it features Donna Fielding!


The blue fox part is still way too brief in my opinion but still well worth watching:



There's another clip I'd really like to find one day. It was from the Golden Oldie Picture Show and was a contemporary (for the mid 80's) video for Free's "Alright Now". If I remember right, it featured a guy picking up a very classy looking lady in a full-length silver fox and taking her back to his flat.


Does this ring any bells with anyone? It's not on YouTube so far as I can tell.

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This post reminded me of a Hot Gossip routine I am sure appeared in Kenny Everett's tv show in the late 70s/early 80s.


Does anyone recall a video in which many of the dancers appeared in furs - particularly silver fox?


Of course, this could have been the a figment of a fur-fevered adolescent mind!!

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nice.. the video is totally a blast.. the song was more meaningful because of this


Welcome to The Fur Den, kiaralynn! We hope that you come back often and that you will share your thoughts and experiences with us! It's nice to have you!

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