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Furry Surprise

Guest tom4fur

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I thought my fiance's full length Tanuki was still in storage but to my surprise she strolled into the house today swathed in fur

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I believe if you get too much of something you enjoy it may loose some of the excitement. My lady treats me to a fur fantasy every now and then. Most of the KIND people on this forum have had more fur experiences in a year than I have had in my life!!!! For the member who thinks my evening was "B.S." I can understand why. It sounds too staged. Pretty lady in fur seduces her man , makes love to him then she slips back into her fur just to boil lobsters and enjoy her "after sex" cigarette. This all came about one night when we were talking about quirky things that turned us on. I told her about an experience I had when I was younger. I seen a pretty lady wearing a huge red fox chubby selecting live lobsters. I vividly recall her using her cigarette as a pointer and saying "I want to see the THAT one" The man held the lobster up for her inspection. "He'll do" Was her response followed by a casual puff from her cigarette. My lady looked at me and said "THATS IT?" Then she giggled. A few months later on Valentines day I got the shock of my life. Since then every once in a wile she wears her fur and cooks lobsters because she thinks its "cute" to see my reaction. I can assure you this event was very real for "Lenny" and "Larry" who had the honor of being bathed by lovely lady. The Moral of my story is CONFESS ANY QUIRKY TURN ONS TO YOUR LOVER!

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