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Fur sightings in London


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For the past two weeks I have been seeing some great furs in London, but today was just one of those lucky days:) I must have seen it coming when, after being out for only 10 minutes, I immediately spotted a saw a lady in her 40s, wearing the most glamorous full length sable coat I have ever seen in my life! It was definitely a Barguzin sable, very dark and opulent fur. The collar was most generous. I saw her walking on High Street Kensington. Next, a fluffy, feathered silver fox cape on a tall, blond woman in 30s on Brompton Road. Afterwards, I entered Harrods, which features fur in nearly every corner of women's fashion section on the first floor. I have noticed Dennis Basso has opened a section and it has some fabulous pieces! In the shoe section, I saw two German ladies, one wearing a knee length collarless lynx coat and the other in a silver fox vest. The youngest fur wearer I saw was a young woman in probably early 20s, wearing a shiny brown mink jacket in a very modern style, with tight fitting jeans and knee high leather boots. I even saw a lady in a red fox jacket straight from the 80s with a fedora hat! Furthermore, two knitted mink vests, a knitted fur poncho, and several fur scarves (feathered fox, coyote, knitted mink...) On the streets, I must have seen at least 5 coney jackets, some of them vintage, all casually worn by young women.


All this despite the fact that the sky was full of clouds so there was a certain danger of rain and it was not particularly cold. I can't imagine how things will be during the busy Christmas shopping period...

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