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Opinion: how do you like coyote for play?

Guest foxfan

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From my avatar, you can probably tell that I'm a coyote fan. Fox is certainly going to be softer, but for a big, full fur coat, you can't go wrong with coyote - especially if you're a guy and you intend to wear it out. The coyote in my avatar is the second I've owned. They seem to be delicate compared to the other minks and foxes that I've owned, I've found that coyotes rip easily. I think you've really got to be sure that you take exceptionally good care of them in order to keep them looking their best.



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OFF, how much are you going to pay for it if you dont mind me asking? Believe it or not, but I bought one last year from a very disappointed e-bay seller (because he did not get more $$$ for it) for only $400 US. I was the only bidder after a whole week. Its HUGE...14 full pelts. My ex-GF loved it and wanted to take it when she moved out, along with some other fur items, but I made her leave them all behind since I paid for them all.

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That's about what I'm paying for the making of it.


I bought two Coyote coats and a Fox jacket close in color for a total of about $150 or so on top of that. By the time I'm done maybe $700 or so.


Still real cheap for an 80 inch by 90 inch spread. In construction terms that's $14 per square foot. I can't build a deck or patio for that!!


My pieced Blue Fox spread from furcorners was a bit cheaper than that even, but it's about that now.


For comparison:



This is what I covet:






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How does it stack up against the foxes? Is it as coarse as raccoon? Does it make a good play fur?




I have a wonderful man's coyote stroller, very thick fur, looks fabulous and lightweight, but I wouldn't dream of coyote as play fur. Its great to wear on those really cold days (20F and below) - looks just wonderful, but its way too coarse as a play fur. Just as well for a relatively expensive coat originally from Neiman's, and had hardly been worn by its rock band member original owner


As a rule, coyote wears thin quickly. If you have a choice vs fox for play furs, stick with fox. For the same price point, fox holds all the advantages - unless you want a more masculine long haired fur for wearing on the street.

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