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Bridie Barnes, WOW


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Do you know this lady? She's a Beauty Queen in fur.


Maybe you know her by her site: Ponygurl Couture. http://www.ponygurlcouture.co.uk/gallery.html


But this next site is her photograph. He has a few nice pictures that we dont find on her site. so this is extra for us!



If you want more, here's a youtube of her, a nice portrait of this beauty " title="Applause" /> :


Hope you have as much pleasure as i had with her.


I'm almost in love....dont forget i'm furslave!!!

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I can't say anything about the one gal with the long dark hair but I will say that it would be a smoking set if both she and Brandy did something together..


The other woman that's seen on some of those pages, Eliza C, she was here on the forum at one time. I believe some of her pics are also in the gallery as well. Perhaps someone can back this up for me?

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Yes, both were here as I recall plus Touch of Sable as well. Haven't seen them here for a long time though.


Indeed they do some high class work!



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