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Independent: faux fur popularity drives demand for real fur


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Last Sunday, the British daily newspaper The Independent published a story about the popularity of "faux-fur" raising the demand for real fur. From the article:


"It has long epitomised fashion with a conscience, the ethical alternative to that mink coat your grandma left in her will. But faux fur risks losing the moral high ground as experts worry that its popularity is driving demand for the real thing, which has emerged as one of this winter's hottest trends.


"Frances Corner, head of the London College of Fashion, said: "Without doubt there's been a cultural shift in the UK. Fake fur is stimulating demand ... it makes [wearing fur] culturally acceptable."


The campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is as opposed as ever to real fur: "Its presence on the catwalk doesn't reflect what people wear on the street. For the public, especially the young, fur is about as popular as a cold sore.""



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I have no qualms with faux fur, there are times that the 'real deal' just isn't financially viable. All the coats I've bought over the years are used and I look for a bargain but quality still takes the front seat. There is a lot of truth in the environmental foot print of faux though. In that respect, real fur is the way to go. The 'snow-job' that PeTA keeps throwing around and has used to brainwash the masses needs to be stopped. That is an entirely different animal though.. If it's in the budget, I'm all for real fur and I'm glad that it's making a come back! " title="Applause" />

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The budget can sometimes be met with used furs on eBay and other sources.


I've gotten some remarkably fine furs for not much that way


Environmentally faux fur sucks big .. as in oil sucking. Not good at all



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