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New film - RED


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Went to see the film RED this evening. It's a film about a group of old CIA operatives who are now being hunted. Stars Bruce Willis, Mary Louise-Parker, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich.


There are a few furs worth looking out for. Helen Mirren wears a lynx jacket, at one point even firing a gun wearing it. She always wears a full length white mink coat to a political reception. Bruce Willis is in a full length black mink coat at one point, with John Malkovich in maybe a beaver coat.


The film's entertaining too, if you like this kind of thing!

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I had seen this opening night and intended to mention the "fur fact" about the movie but that's also when my bronchitis set in and well, I've been away for a while because of it. You get more fur than a viewer usually has compared to other movies lately. It's definitely a funny movie and the fur only makes things better.

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