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Men in Furs, Peta articles


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Great find, ReFur. That was in the Toronto Star from over two years ago - how is it that we seem to have no Star readers who could have brought this to our notice earlier?

As for the I Newkirk quote in the 'NY Times' article in the same thread which said, "You can get a rabbit coat for $80, basically the price of a few packs of cigarettes.", all I can say to Ms Newkirk is, "Bravo - you keep on smoking those cigarettes!"

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I hope the trend continues. I am young, though respect tradition, but feel like men's furs have all pretty mutch been limited to jackets, coats, or parkas. The only differ was the type of fur. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to be able to own a dream chincilla or sable, or BOTH in the same coat/jacket But if it is kinda bland and looks like the rex or mink, that's not cool.


Point/Counter-point to the article:


P: The dyeing will be sweet, if done right! I thought for a second, with it being baseball season here in the states, and me a major Brewers fan. If they had a dyed ohh let's say fox with the Brewers logo on it, would I buy it....Maybe, but with the color scheme, would kinda look obnoxious. If the team colors were incorporated into a nicely "woven" feel as if there wasn't a general distinction to the logo that would be cool. For example, taken a golden hued fox, then transition to white for the collar, and give hints of blue in the cuffs and around the bottom of the garment.


C-P: "The 'Neandrethal' Look" No thank you please!!! Why should a man confident of his masulinity need to go back to, NOT the golden age, NOT the bronze age, or NOT the Roman age, but way back to the pre-historic age to say I am a MAN!?


To wrap the two up, If you a dude...


You are a dude, so confident that you are BRAVE enough to wear a great fur out and about on a regular basis. It should have to be so dyed, to show off team pride blatantly or make you feel like you are a "caveman"


Fur in it's state is soft, sometimes shiney, and luxurious. Make it accesseible but not "dumbed down!" I like the light weight option and feel. I don't really like wearing bulky jackets to drive either lol.


BUT, whatever happens here, BRING IT ON! The more fur that is out there, the BETTER!!!


Cheers and Go Brewers Go!!!



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It's just gotten warm enough here for me to not be wearing my fur lined leather jackets.


I have two I'm wearing routinely now. A lynx lined Buckskin jacket and a gray dyed sheared Beaver/pigskin reversable jacket.


Even the dyed sheared Beaver is clearly real and NOT fake. Unsolicited comments are clear it is recognized as very real.


It's kind of hard to not notice the Lynx when I take it off.


Not one single negative and a lot of very positive WOW comments. Not your conservative fur at all but still quite respectable and accepted in the most macho of businesses.


I'll have several more come Fall both more conservative and more adventuresom yet without being Caveman style.



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