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New fur site with videos and pics (experimental)


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Hi All,


I'm new here and love this site.

I'd like to introduce myself to this on-line community.

I've been into fur since.......... A long time ago!

I have been a regular contributer to the fur fashion cause since the mid 90's.

My on-line fur status really started with the fur-o-philes at the geocities site and then tripod.

Check out the google "way back machine" for a trip down memory lane.

The original fur-o-philes


The www has come a long way since then and there is a lot more furry media available nowadays for download. I have occasionally posted some original pics here and there and still see them being recirculated.

Like this one:


One of my early photoshop efforts.


I've been making amateur films since I was a youngster and always wanted to combine fur, women and film making. When digital video cameras came into my life a new chapter was unlocked. I took to filming some girl friends in their furs. Some of you may have seen some of my youtube postings like "Lillith and the old fur coat". Then my cameras got better and more equipment was acquired. The natural progression was to start a web site where I could not only share my passion for fur covered women but hopefully get a small return on my fairly weighty investments in time and equipment.


This is where I am up to.

I have created a website with free film previews and image galleries. (lovingly hand coded and developed by myself)

What I was hoping to do was to ask a question of this on-line community before I proceed to populate the site with high quality vids and images.....

How much should I charge for access to DVD quality files?

What sort of member functionality should I create?

What is it that fur lovers want to see being done in fur?

Personally I love contrast between cold hard concrete and warm soft fur clad girls.


Not looking to advertise the site as it is still experimental and has little functionality or content, just genuine feedback.


Warm furry regards to you all,


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