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We are celebrating here. Break out the Champagne...

White Fox

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Folks, we are celebrating again! I cannot believe that we missed this when it happened!


Brandy has reached the plateau of 1000 posts. It is such a great honor to recognize her for this accomplishment. Not because she is one good looking woman. BUT... because so many of these posts have involved so very much work. Her posts have contributed so much to our little web site here. She really has put her heart and soul into this place and we certainly want to thank her for that!


So Brandy! Happy 1000th! And we hope you are still here soon to celebrate your 10,000th too!


We all really appreciate all of the work that you put in here so much! It just would not be the same without you.


White Fox

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Congratulations, Brandy!


A number of folks have exceeded 1,000 posts here, but I don't know of anyone who has put so much work and effort into her posts. It takes a lot of your time to get your updates together, and were very thankful that you share them with us.




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My pleasure...


The only sad thing is.. that now that EFA has turned into a very busy webspace / lconstant updates and high expectations to fill..both myself and my husband are working 24/7 to maintain the very high standards that I have set myself..


which means that I don't get enough time to browse the internet and float into the Fur den anymore... so I miss out on important posts.. just like this one...


thanks for your support..






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