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The best year for some twenty years!!!!


Okay its Aintree. The locals call you a "woollyback" if you own a coat of any description, as it means you arent from Liverpool.


HOWEVER, there must have been a few hundred furs on display, many of which were worn by younger women which was refreshing.


LOTS of balckglams; many lunaraines, a fair few blue foxes, tons of boleros and stoles and many unusual styles. Ony two sables. But thousands of fox hats and collars.


Mrs Jonjo wore a black astrakhan jacket with huge black fox collar and cuffs.

Mrs Hobbs a gorgeous blackglam hat.

Lots of Irish ladies in furs.

One very good mate (a jockey)'s beautiful mum in a gorgeous mink jacket.


And two very, very special young ladies......one a bit Dita, and the other a definite 10.


Lots of fun in fur there.....................

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