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Alpaca furs


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The fluffy, white Bear in my avatar is made from alpaca.


Alpaca fur is very soft. It feels almost like you're touching a cloud.

It is a little bit "wiry", though.


I would wear it. I would make a blanket or a pillow out of it.

It would make a VERY nice hat, a pair of slippers or mittens.

I would sleep in it with no clothes but I don't think alpaca would be good for "stimulation," if you know what I mean.

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the baby alpaca would be fine for stimulation, but no alpaca is really good for garments. they make them, but the pelts are often too stiff and thin to make a long lasting, durable garment. hats, pillows and blankets do not receive that much "wear".

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I've touch it many times and i think its very soft. But true, the pelt is stiff. The possibility seems a little bit restreint as for what you can do with it.

But, as a blanket or carpet, it seems very nice to me.


Is it cheaper than regular fur?

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My experience with Alpaca is limited but, I have owned sweaters made in it and have carried a few jackets in my store. They were "first" furs, and after maybe 5 years I doubt the hides would hold up. They are very brittle as they age. The fur is delicate and in some ways compares to cashmere, but not as durable. It actually is softer, with a slightly silky "hand" to it. It also pills easier than cashmere. I would only buy in a special styling and at a low price. But, I do like it.


For "personal" use. I agree, it might not be the best choice.

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