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Interesting Article re: NAFA


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Y'know... I think that the fur business, being such a "closed" profession, is often not truly understood as an important industry by outsiders.


Most people... even people who like fur... think that there are factories where animals are killed and then "they" make fur coats out of them. The important details in between are not known. I think that there is a perception, wrongly propagated by PeTA and others, that "fur factories" are nothing more than abattoirs where "cute, furry animals" go in one end and fur coats come out the other. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.


Not only is a furrier's business a very clean place, except for the place where animals are actually pelted and the tannery floor, the fur business is a very clean business as a whole. Be you a fur lover or a fur hater, who would want to buy a dirty coat?


I think that articles like the one you show us are important because they tell the public that real people have real jobs turning out real products. People make their livelihood producing good products for market.


Do you know that John Jacob Astor, one of the richest men who ever lived, made his fortune in the fur trade?

Further, do you know that much of the economy of the United States and much of the world was BUILT on the fur trade from America and that John Jacob Astor helped create much of that economy?


Yes, the fur trade and the people who built the fur trade and the people who continue to work in the fur trade are important members of our economy and our society, in general. More people need to know this. We need to fight against people who "whitewash" the truth, not just because this is a fight about whether fur is good or bad but because it is part of what made America and other countries around the world what it is today.

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