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Swimmers shave so that they can A) be more aerodynamic (yeah we talk about "aerodynamics" in water. In engineering, air is considered a fluid when we think about moving through it, just a far less dense fluid than water. Conversely in "fluid dynamics", air is addressed as a topic) and B) so they can "feel" the water better. I know after I shave my face, it seems to be more sensitive to touch (e.g. fur). Has anyone shaved their legs or chest (guys) to FEEL fur more acutely?


I do some cycling, so I could pull it off (after, of course, my wife and daughter tease me for being a "poofta"). My legs would gain a lot of senstivity.


This is kind of personal so I'm not necessarily looking for "yes" or "no" answers. I'm just throwing it out there.

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Unfortunately or fortunately I suffer from alopecia maximus. This means that I have lost a lot of hair, even my eyebrows and eye lashes but mostly on my head.

This means that I have to wear fur to keep warm. I haven't noticed any particular sensitivity , but it just feels great to have fur next to my skin.

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Apparently the ladies love crisp clean sheets post leg shave so logical it would feel wonderful. Shaved my head once, that was incredible and something I would highly recommend on many levels. Softest regards furomance

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Yes, I have shaved off and on.


I would have to say it is a wonderful way to experience fur! But then again, our hairs respond to touch as part of our tactile system....and that is great too!


Not sure I have a preference, but a shave is definitely worth a try if you have not done it before!

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