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I'm about to go to Milwaukee for a mini vacation to watch my son graduate from basic training in the Navy. At any rate, I get some time alone (i.e. without my wife making fun of me) so I'd like to visit a fur coat store or two. I have already contacted Ugent Furs. Mr Ugent says he has a number of furs that would fit me (I gave him my height and weight). Does anyone know about Ugent Furs?


Do any of you live in or have any of you been to Milwaukee? Can any of you recommend a good (fun?) fur coat store besides Ugent? I can certainly change plans...I'm wide open for a few hours.


After the fur, on to the Harley museum. I'm not a Harley guy, but they are iconic.


Thanks in advance!



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There are three furriers (beyond Macy's Fur Vault) that I'm aware of in Milwaukee -- Ugent is on the North side of Milwaukee. I have visited them and would guesstimate they probably have the largest selection of men's furs in the city.


Holzman Furs is on the South side of Milwaukee. I have not been there but I have driven by when they were closed. Based upon some articles I've read the owner seems to be very personable.


Andre Furs is in one of the north suburbs. I have not been there either but have walked by when they were closed. Based upon window displays, they seemed like a class act.


Have fun!

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In the Brady Street area there are a few vintage shops, Annie's Vintage and Yellow Jacket are my favorites. I have seen both carry furs, but probably more so in winter than in the summertime.

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Not sure what your interests include, but if you have time to kill one of my favorite Milwaukee "free" activities is watching the opening and/or closing of the (architect) Calatrava Burke Brise Soleil "wings" at the Milwaukee Art Museum along the downtown waterfront and watching the waves on Lake Michigan from the beautiful interior of the Pavilion (also free). The Calatrava-designed Pavilion is an extraordinary piece of architecture and the views (inside and out) are worth the effort (at least for this architecture fan). Last time I took in the interior/exterior views was February and I was swathed neck to ankle in fantastic fisher.


From the web site (mam.org):


The “wings” open Tuesday—Sunday at 10 a.m., close/reopen at noon, and close at 5 p.m. (8 p.m. on Thursdays). Schedule is subject to change without advance notice due to weather/maintenance.


P.S. Forgot to mention in previous post that based upon personal experience Mr. Ugent is quite personable as well!

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THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT! I went to Holzman's. He seemed to want to talk me OUT OF getting a fur because I live in CA! He did have me try on a reversible leather to mink jacket. It was nice but generic. Then he had a leather (that was OH SO SOFT) and cashmere (sp?) reversible jacket that was phenomenal. So it got me to thinking how about the "oh so soft" leather on one side and mink on the other? The thing I don't like about the reversible jackets is that they are bulky. The "oh so soft" leather would solve this issue.


At any rate, Rodney Ugent was GREAT! Actually when I got to the shop he was out running a couple of errands. His sister took care of me. I was in HEAVEN! I'm ready to just tell my wife I'M BUYING a mink jacket! I also really liked a coyote parka. They had several coats and jackets for me. They had a HUGE full-length mink, so Lori (the sister) went to get a woman's coat that was the same color and fur type (female mink skins) so I could see how the type of fur looked on me with the correct size rather than hanging off me like I'm not sure what.


Right now they are having a SALE! Items are 50% off! Get while the getting is good!


I was not able to make it up to Andre's. Next time. But I won't bother with Holzman next time.


The Harley museum was GREAT! My son's graduation was GREAT! All in all a fun weekend. My vacation for the year...


I'd LOVE to get about five furs from Ugent's Furs. They were great! PLUS...he DOES THE WORK! A true craftsman!


Until next time,



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