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One of my favourites in the gallery


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This is one of the best pics I have seen for ages. She looks so natural, so beautiful and her fur hood really shows the flow of the wind and the fur together. I love it, and think I love her too!



EDIT by AKcoyote: updated the link. The original link specified a positional reference that could point to a different image over time.

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I think I like candid shots better, myself. The person looks more relaxed and doesn't seem like she's all dressed up for a photo shoot. The expression of the face looks more natural (or even normal) than what anybody but the most experienced professional models can put on.


Good choice!

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I agree, I prefer the candid or "unstaged" photos best (no offense to Brandy.. ). The natural look, it's a very attractive look in my opinion. I'm not picky though.. If it involves fur, you'll have my attention..

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