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Don't know why but i've never heard of this before!

White Fox

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Don't know why but I've never heard of anyone doing this before.


Driver charged after strange tooth-pulling incident


Posted 59 minutes ago



Lambton OPP charged a 58-year-old Kitchener truck driver with careless driving after a bizarre driving complaint on Wednesday.


OPP reported Saturday that an officer was alerted by a motorist that a tractor trailer was being driven east on Highway 402 and was allegedly "all over the road."


The officer located the tractor trailer and pulled it over.


OPP said investigation revealed that the driver's ability to operate the transport in a safe manner was diminished by the fact the he was trying to pull a tooth while driving.


The driver allegedly rigged a string around the affected tooth and then mounted the string around a fixed point in the roof of the cab. One good bump and the tooth should come out.


It appears that he was successful as the bloody tooth and string lay next to him when he was stopped, OPP said.

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