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Cher in fur


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It's a shame I wasn't around before her plastic surgery craze:( 'cuz she looks gorgeous in these B&W photos from 60s and 70s! I have checked the Den's gallery and it's a shame the only celebrity "cher" we have in there is Teri HatCHER!


3e538f5738cat.jpg 43da40e75097t.jpg 192a3286b01ct.jpg th_90264_3350210_10_122_132lo.jpg th_90273_3402441_10_122_471lo.jpg 79e7adb538b8t.jpg


th_65337_74257154_10_122_517lo.jpg 07194dc530fat.jpg 220a81e63985t.jpg 0008394ba5f7t.jpg bff96bd4d409t.jpg 1d6191e4c5d8t.jpg





Here, it's not Cher that's in fur but his "guy" but I had to include it, you know!


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