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You know what they say about payback...

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Finally some is doing time for screwing up a mink farm!








Ogden man, 22, who released mink sentenced to 21 months


By pamela manson


The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated Jul 1, 2010 09:05PM


An Ogden man who admitted releasing hundreds of mink from a South Jordan farm in support of animal rights was sentenced Wednesday to 21 months in prison.


The term was three months shorter than U.S. District Judge Dee Benson had planned to impose. The judge shaved off the time because of a heartfelt apology by 22-year-old Alex Jason Hall, who faced his victims in the courtroom and said: “You truly have nothing to fear from me. I ask your forgiveness. I can assure you I’ve learned my lesson.”


Hall earlier had pleaded guilty to one felony count of damaging and interfering with animal enterprises by releasing about 650 mink on Aug. 19, 2008, at the McMullin farm.


Under a plea deal, a misdemeanor charge of attempting to damage the operations of the Mathews mink farm in Hyrum on Oct. 18, 2008, was dropped.


Benson said Hall’s apology seemed sincere.


“What you did here today was quite remarkable,” he said.


Hall and co-defendant William James Viehl, 23, of Layton, were indicted last year on the two counts. Viehl, who also pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with animal enterprises, was sentenced in February to two years in prison. In addition to the prison terms, the two men must pay between them $66,753 in restitution.


Hall and Viehl released about 425 female mink and 225 male mink and also took the animals’ pedigree tags, forcing the sale of the females for their pelts, according to court records. Seven were killed by vehicles, seven died from stress and about 20 were never recovered.


The men also spray painted “ALF,” for Animal Liberation Front, on a barn and the words, “We are watching.” Benson said that action was meant to terrorize people and it led him to reject a plea deal that called for Viehl to serve a six-month term.


On Wednesday, Lindsey McMullin, who operates the farm, said, “Our entire industry has been affected by this group that wants to destroy our livelihood.”


He also said his family holds no animosity toward Hall.


Hall could complete his sentence soon; he already has served about a year of his sentence while awaiting resolution of the case and also can earn about three months off for good behavior.


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Edit: Added quote from article in case the link ever goes dead. - Worker 11811

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Don't forget they are on the hook for $66,700 in restitution payments.


If you read farther, the article also says that several of the mink were killed before they could be recovered. Further, because he destroyed paperwork on the animals, many of them had to be killed for their fur instead of being used for breeding purposes.


So, basically, the guy who tried to "save" the animals ended up killing more of them than he saved.

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Thanks for adding the article Worker!


You bring up a great point. The guy DID end up killing more animals than he was trying to "save".

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