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Furs still out in the UK?!


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A quick update aimed mostly at UK members/viewers. Is anyone else over here still seeing people wearing furs in public in this weather? Around Brighton I've seen two young female students wearing vintage coney jackets during warm afternoons (one a blossoming local model) and a young woman wearing a fox piece jacket - all since Friday 18th June! Clearly, fur season goes on here despite summer starting to sizzle. Anyone else seen any around their town/city recently?



Mr Mockle

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Just two weeks back on a not super hot but warm day here I saw a young girl in a sort of very modern jacket. Muskrat. I could not get a long enough look to see if it was real but it certainly looked like it.


All of this is great news. Such things point to fur really returning. Such sites are "Worth their weight in gold!"



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