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Fox Files closed


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To the Fox Files' Registered Users


After running this web site now for nearly 13 years I have decided to terminate this service - at least in its current form. There is more than one reason to my decision with the most important being an exacerbating lack of time left for editing pics and the website itself as well as the ever increasing effort of lawyers and stock photo agencies to rip off webmasters for copyright infringements. Please bear with me.

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Here I am, in the heat of a 30 degree Celsius summer night, and the news of the Fox Files closing hit me so hard I am shivering... So sad, such a loss...


Before youtube, flickr, imageshack, just jared, style.com, or sagafurs.com, before ebay, yahoo-msn messenger, email groups... before all of that, we had geocities. We had furamo. We had sheeny. We had mikhail's great directory. And of course, we had the Fox Files. This is truly the end of the "Golden Age of Furs" on the web. Now I feel how the end of the Dynasty era must have felt in late 80s. There will be something new in place, but it will never be the same.

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I have sent MMF my own personal thanks for his wonderfur contribution to the online fur community, and he deserves significant recognition by all of us for his amazing pioneering site. I used to have telephone modem dial in access years ago, but it was still worth 10 minutes to download 1 picture.


In typing this I considered adding an " title="Applause" /> (icon) to this line, MMF is a Fur icon.



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It's sad to see MMF's site fade into the aether, but if the time has come that MMF has run out of time to work on editing the pictures to his standards (plus lawyers and others interfering?); then so it shall be.


I've been following it for many years (through several hosts, IIRC.), and I'll miss his contributions our little corner of the web. I guess now I'll have to kick myself for not taking the time to keep up with some of the other sections (model profiles, pic series, etc) outside of the weekly big pic updates.


I wish MadManFox all the best with whatever path he decides to follow.

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I hope that absolutely everyone here will send a letter of Thanks to Mad Man! His contributions to this area have been huge. Folks like He, Mikhail, Fur Twins, Dragon, Our own founder FrBrGr, Mr B., Cookie. (Man, I should not have started a list as I just cannot include everyone.) These folks have done so much that it is just impossible to even begin to sum up their work. Their dedication. Their love for the topic and their sites. And they did it so that folks like us could come along and see it.


PLEASE! Send Mad Man a quick note of thanks for all that he has done. If you never post a message here or anywhere else. You owe him that much for his work on the net. For the endless hours of work he did just for YOU! I only wish now that I had done that when some other sites went off the air.


Here is a link to his email...



Thank You Mad Man Fox! I only wish I could have spent more time on your site!


White Fox

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