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I was wondering what sites people use for image sharing? I've been thinking about uploading what I have saved, sharing as it were and I'm trying to find a place to do this. I've thought about hosting my own page but all the parts involved make it too much work considering I'm only trying to share what I have saved. Some of the items I have are in the gallery and I don't want to generate any duplicates. So, finding a site where I could upload things to seems to be the right choice. I'd appreciate any suggestions people might have. Thanks!

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I have two or three places where I store photos and stuff on-line but I have a PhotoBucket account that I use as a "junk space" to share photos.




It's free, easily available and isn't full of ads/malware.


A lot of people use Flickr.com.


If you look at the terms of your ISP account you might find that they give you a certain amount of personal webspace to do with as you please (within the limits of your ULA.)

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Doing a rough size estimate, I have something around 11+ Gig of pictures alone. Any kind of videos is another matter.. So, I'm hoping to find a place where I might have close to enough room.

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