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While I was browsing..


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Being the sucker I am for Fox, while I was browsing through the menu on my XBox one night, I stumbled across a video clip being advertised by Zune (Microsoft's attempt at responding to the iPod). It was an image from R&B artist Ciara. In her new video, she's dressed quite appropriately for the Fur Den, . I've tried to find some images short of making screenshots of my own but this is all I came across. The song is pretty "suggestive".. I'm not much for R&B anymore but this definitely caught my eye!






Here is a link for the video over on YouTube..


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I'm glad to see I found something nice.. Worker did all the work though, no humor intended, any thank you's should be directed to him.. " title="Applause" />

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I wasn't trying to show anybody up.


I just figured that most of us would not want to wade through four and a half minutes of crummy dancing just to see 15 seconds of fur.


(Begin rant...)


Lets' just face it... She's hot and she knows how to move like a stripper but she can't dance worth a crap.

All her real dance moves... what real dance moves she does... looked pretty mechanical and didn't flow together very well. The rest was quasi-gymnastics. All she did was roll on the floor and shake her booty back and forth.


The video was well produced. Ciara looked hot in it. She had better look hot! It's a song about how well she can f***!

Truthfully, all she did was go into a studio with a back drop, dance around for an hour, put on a fur coat and shake her booty for a while. 90% of it was done in the editing suite. Hell, the whole thing was lip-synced anyway.


Most of the red-blooded, American boys out there just want to see her in the fur coat, anyway.

We fur freaks are just the only ones with balls enough to admit it.


I figured, "Why screw around? Let's give the boys what they really want?"




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Any time!

Had fun doing it!


You want to know who's the master of fur video edits?

Earendil! Check out his "Fur Vibes" videos in the gallery!


I wonder what he could do with this one?

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I have seen some of the video's made by Earendil, they are nice! Right now though, I'm just hoping to finish my labs so I can get started on my summer vacation.. All 3 days of it..

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Hey! Idea!...


Let's find more fur in music videos and we can put them all together into one big one!


Where's Earendil when you need him?

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That does sound like a nice idea, the hard part is finding it. One of the first ones that comes to mind was the video by Sheila E, Glamorous Life.





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We've got members with massive amounts of Google-Fu on this site.


Sounds like a great group project! We need searchers, a producer and an editor.

I've got the editing part down. Kappa seems like a great producer. We need some searchers.

And, of course, what's a video project without art directors? (i.e. If you can't find any good fur video you can always make suggestions on what you like.)


Kappa, sounds like your three-day vacation just found a purpose!


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Are you trying to take over the fiancee's job? The idea, trying to tell me to do something fun! (Sheesh!)


I'm sure there are numerous people with talent in the art of Google-Fu. It's only a matter of participation. I can think of one good art director, if Brandy has the time that is.. (hint.. hint..) I've been a fan of hers for quite a few years now, she has creativity in spades in my opinion. I don't want anyone to think that they have gone un-noticed though, there are plenty of creative people around here. If this off comment could turn into a group effort, I believe a very interesting video or videos could be produced.

With all the years I spent overseas on deployment, I have a decent stash of fur related material on my hard drives. The only downside, not all of it is quite as fulfilling as what I have shared this far. That and it isn't all "generally acceptable" either, some of it is 'revealing' is a word to use? I can take a look at what I have and see what could be applied. Then I'll make a list and let's see what we can do, ok? The last question is, who else wants in on the fun?

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If anybody decides they want to pitch in on this project I have an avatar sized version of Ciara doing the belly grind, the same as the one I posted in the gallery but sized correctly to fit in your avatar space.


I could easily send it to anybody who wanted to help.


We don't have to have any deadline or anything. It could be an ongoing project. We could just hunt up good fur video and make mash-ups for fun.


BTW: Mash-ups, correctly done, are considered free speech. You can't get busted for cutting other videos together as long as you only sample bits and pieces.

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I have another video/ clip from a larger movie (DVD) but how do I get it here? The only 2 downsides to it are that it's 47.5 MB and it also only has faux in it. I know some people object to it but I'm a equal opportunity fan.. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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