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White Fox

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Tonight I moved a post to the "Freaks Forum". I've a feeling that this is one of those cases where two computers can look at the site and see two different things. I saw some images that would not pass for this forum. I've a feeling that the poster did not, and we have saw this before a goodly number of times. Unfortunately though a child might see what I saw so we MUST move such posts.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused!



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The problem is NOT with the intended images, but the web page they are displayed on. It appears the hosting site also hosts inappropriate material.

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As the "culprit" in this case, I apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused. Indeed, imagevenue places some nasty porn thumbnails on top of some images it hosts. I must have "filtered" those out while going through hundreds, if not thousands, of images at their site.


If I recall correctly, some pictures that I posted in other threads, especially the one on Liz Taylor, had this annoyance. I do not have the time to check all of them at the moment, but from now on, I will be more discreet.

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